Rules and Regulations

1.  All students are to strictly abide by the rules & regulations and routine of the Institution and boarding at all times as laid by the management of the Institution.

2.  Students must be in the school campus in proper school uniform which must be neat, clean, tidy and also match the one prescribed.

3.  Seven Set Students must be punctual for classes, Functions, activities, etc. They are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours or functions without permission from the Head of the Institution nor move out of the School campus during breaks.

4.  Being an English Medium School, pupils are expected to speak in English.

5.  All activities and programs conducted by the school are compulsory as these aim to prepare the child for his/her all round development and upbringing. Any request made or application submitted, to exempt the child from any activity will not be entertained  except on medical grounds which must be supported with detailed medical reports and documents.

6.  Pupils must conduct themselves well on all occasions. They should address their teachers, members of the staff, fellow students and parents respectfully and politely. Any misbehavior is liable to bring about suspension or expulsion.

7. Communal peace and harmony is to be maintained and fostered by word and deed. Rudeness and utterance of bad words etc. is punishable which may amount to expulsion.

8.  Parents are requested to pack their child's tiffin in a closed tiffin box and pack nutritious lunch for them. Tiffins must be wrapped in newspaper and packed in a cloth bag. Please DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS. Junk food/fast food particularly those containing preservatives are unfit as ‘lunch’. Parents are not allowed to enter the School premises during lunch to feed their child.

 9.  Please also note that, using or possessing of Mobile Phones, cameras, iPods, MP3s, Tablets and other electronic devices by students is strictly prohibited. Any violation in this regard will be dealt with severely by the School authority. Items confiscated will not be returned.

10.  Students in uniform are not permitted to use any fashionable accessories, hairstyles or makeup. Hair colour or hair gel is not permitted. Nails should be kept short. No nail polish is allowed. A proper and uniformed hair cut must be maintained. Boys’ hair must be kept uniformly short on the sides and top. Boys who do not comply with the instructions regarding hair style will be taken for a haircut from school and make payment for it. Girls with long hair must plait it neatly from home.

School uniform should be maintained, honored & worn with respect. It should not be treated like other daily dresses. Shoes should be polished daily and clean handkerchiefs should also be part of the school uniform.

11.  It is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls, blackboards, chairs & tables etc. or throw paper or ink in and around the class room or in any manner that may cause damage to the school property. The cost of repairs will be charged to the students responsible for the damage. This is to train the children to respect their fellow students’ belongings as well as public property.

12.  Seven Set Students always take pride in the institution and therefore must present a good image of themselves everywhere especially on the way to and from school.

13.  Students must respect their physical well being by not indulging in smoking, drugs and alcohol, chewing pan, Supari etc. or viewing objectionable literature or websites as these amounts to suspension/expulsion.

As provided under the rules, action against offending students is guaranteed. Report of such kind from parents is most welcome.

Note : For full details of rules and guidelines , please refer to the school diary. Rules may be changed or added from time to time without prior notification.